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Honored to be endorsed by Advance Native Political Leadership.

As a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, I am honored to have gained the endorsement of Advance Native Political Leadership. I am grateful to the commitment of tribal nations to the communities they serve. We must be united with our tribal nations in a shared commitment to improve and enhance our great state.

"We believe that Kerri would be an excellent state representative. A veteran, she has extensive leadership experience in the Oklahoma National Guard. Kerri has given back to her community by volunteering for scholarship programs and local youth and parenting organizations. If elected to the state House, Kerri would be an effective advocate for her policy priorities, which include increasing funding for public education, improving access to affordable healthcare–including mental health services–and providing incentives for small businesses to improve wages and benefits.

The people of Oklahoma deserve to be represented by an incredible Indigenous leader such as Kerri."

Advance Native Political Leadership Kerri Keck letter of official endorsement (Feb. 2024)
Download • 65KB

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